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OutThere Colorado a winner for adventure content | Way of life

A Colorado Springs-based hub for outdoor news and features is once again a winner in a busy field.

OutThere Colorado was named the top blog in a poll by Outdoor Media Summit, the organization that annually celebrates national industry content creators. OutThere Colorado, which shares a parent company with The Gazette, received more votes than 24 others nominated sites.

This honor “helps show our team that we’re doing something right,” said Spencer McKee, OTC’s director of content and operations. “It’s motivating.”

The award follows a string of recent ones for the brand which was designed in 2010.

Last year, OTC was voted Best Local Website at the Local Media Digital Innovation Awards. The Society for Features Journalism also recognized the website in 2021. At the Outdoor Media Summit in 2020, OTC won Outdoor Publication of the Year.

The accolades came as OTC’s reach expanded. People turned to more than 40 million times last year, McKee said.

“I think the coolest thing about OutThere Colorado is how the brand can help educate the public about outdoor recreation safety and best practices,” he said. . “While someone is not actively looking for something ‘boring’ like safety information before they go on an adventure, our team strives to include this information in our regular content so that the public acquires skills that could save a life while consuming information that he would refer to regularly.Similarly, when we hike a trail or a natural place, we are always sure to include information on how to be a responsible hiker.

Outdoor Media Summit 2022 Gathering is scheduled from October 30 to November 30. 1 at Lake Tahoe.