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Parametric coverage for Uniswap, Aave, Maker, Balancer and more, when Neptune Mutual Marketplace launches on Ethereum Mainnet.

Parametric hedging, available on Ethereum Mainnet from November 8

Neptune Mutual has announced that on Tuesday, November 8 at 11:30 UTC, it will launch its Parametric Hedging Marketplace on the Ethereum mainnet.

We are excited to launch the Neptune Mutual marketplace on the Ethereum mainnet and hope it will contribute to a safer and better protected industry.

— Binod Nirvan, CEO of Neptune Mutual

HONG KONG, November 2, 2022 / — After completing two rounds of smart contract audits by Blocksec and Open Zeppelin, multiple pen tests, and two periods of user testing at Polygon Mumbai and Avalanche Fuji testnets, Neptune Mutual is ready to open its market on the Ethereum mainnet on November 8th.

The highly anticipated parametric market offers a new approach to mitigating the risk of CeFi, DeFi and Metaverse digital assets being hacked. Cover fonts will be available for a range of well-known projects.

Neptune Mutual’s stellar team of investors believe the fast and reliable claims process, based on validating a hack event as opposed to individual loss claims, will appeal to buyers of coverage.

Liquidity providers should be attracted to the transparent nature of stablecoin pools that are decoupled from the influence of project token price volatility. This transparency helps LPs make decisions when evaluating the investment risk/return associated with providing liquidity to each respective hedge pool.

Perhaps one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of providing liquidity in the hedge protection industry is that of an exit strategy for LPs. In the Neptune Mutual market, LPs have a regular and recurring window of opportunity to exit their position, if they wish.

The addition of Diversified Hedge Pools, which complement Dedicated Hedge Pools, means that LPs can select leveraged or unleveraged hedge pools based on their risk/return appetite and depending on market sector who interests them. We hope this solution will prove to be a useful tool in mitigating the very widespread and real risk to digital assets posed by cybercriminals.

Neptune Mutual CEO Binod Nirvan is the force behind the company’s dedication to safety and company-wide culture of safety. The company is committed to a policy of openness and transparency when it comes to security, and Neptune Mutual aims to lead by example, being one of the few hedging protocols with a fully open codebase to the public on Github.

Neptune Mutual has invested heavily in security and code audits, and is committed to doing so on an ongoing basis. Likewise, it carries out rigorous assessments to protect the projects authorized to create hedging products in its market. Neptune Mutual’s security ratings are based on a wide range of factors such as the project’s overall IT security health, its open source, the quality and number of its audit reports, the project’s incident history , as well as the transparency and experience of the team. etc

Neptune Mutual also offers advice to creators of diversified hedging portfolios regarding the overall risk of the hedging product portfolio. This is important because the creators of diversified cover pools need to establish a reasonable and balanced measure of capital efficiency for their diversified pool that both provides sufficient protection to policyholders while providing a high enough return to attract LPs.

Those interested in trying out Marketplace features can do so immediately by logging into Neptune Mutual testnet.

Users are also strongly recommended to join the Neptune Mutual Discord channel for up-to-date information on hedging products. Moderators are available to help answer questions. In addition, Neptune Mutual will organize a number of initiatives to reward early market adopters.

How to access the parametric marketplace Neptune Mutual following its launch on the Ethereum mainnet?

From November 8, follow the link to: Neptune Mutual Protocol

Head over to Metamask and choose your preferred testnet like Ethereum. Visit the Neptune Mutual YouTube channel for detailed instructions.

For more information on the mainnet launch, Neptune Mutual has posted a Blog with all the details.

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