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Pastry chef pays tribute to cancer survivors

SHEFFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio – A baker in Northeastern Ohio is celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month by honoring those who have battled the disease.

What would you like to know

  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness of the impact of breast cancer
  • The pink ribbon has become a symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Baker is giving away pink ribbon cakes in October

“I went to revamp the recipes,” said Yvonne Chisholm, owner of Classie Cakes by Yvonne in Sheffield Village.

Chisholm knows all too well what cancer can do to a family.

“Well my grandmother died of breast cancer, my mother got breast cancer and my aunts got breast cancer and I also lost friends (because of) breast cancer “she said.

Two years ago, when Chisholm opened her bakery, she started making pink ribbon cookie cakes.

She designs them with the phrase “fight like a girl”.

“You have to be very strong to go through everything that you are going through with breast cancer. This has always been my motto on the shirts and the things we got for our walks, “Fight like a girl” because we are strong, ”she said.

Chisholm is promoting her ribbon cakes on her Facebook page.

She gives them to whoever asks for them; free.

Chisholm’s bakery struggled during the pandemic, but that didn’t stop its generosity.

“Due to COVID last year, I gifted 185 graduation cakes to seniors because I felt so bad for them for losing prom and losing graduation and big parties. She said.

Chisholm will be giving away around 100 ribbon cakes this month.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and Chisholm will continue to distribute its cakes to people battling this disease.

“I feel my business and success is a gift from God and I always give back,” she said.