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Pebble E Ink smartwatch is now compatible with Pixel 7 64-bit after unexpected update

Remember the Pebble smartwatch that burst onto the scene nearly a decade ago? You could be forgiven if you’ve already lost track of it because it’s no longer common. It is until now that the smartwatch characterized by an E Ink screen is back in the news thanks to an update that makes it compatible with 64 bits. In this way, as reported by ArsTechnica, the smartwatch is now compatible with the latest Pixel 7 smartphone as well as other such Android devices that are expected to be released in the near future. No wonder, it was completely unexpected and breathed new life into the device that was already almost out of breath.

The latest version 4.4.3 update was released by the Rebble Alliance, a group that worked to keep Pebble watches relevant after Fitbit’s decision to shut down Pebble’s servers in 2018. nearly two years after Fitbit acquired Pebble in December 2016. Its new owners also said at the time that there would be no new updates or features coming to the Pebble, at the time. except perhaps for an occasional bug fix and the like.

The latest Pebble app version 4.4.3, however, is not available through the Play Store. That said, it’s duly signed using official Pebble keys while integrating Google Fit. Interestingly, one of the core Rebble Alliance members, Katharine Berry is also a Wear OS associate at Google and also happens to be one of Rebble’s core coders. Meanwhile, the latest update also brought back the caller ID feature which had become finicky with more recent Android iterations.

It all makes for a jaw-dropping return for the Pebble E Ink smartwatch of yesteryear that would have died a slow death if the latest update hadn’t been released. All Pebble smartwatches released in 2013 and later can get the most out of the update, provided the E Ink screen and battery are working properly.