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Pi in shortage: site claims 52-week wait for 4GB model

If you’re looking for a Raspberry Pi, especially a Pi 4 with 4GB, you might have to look harder than usual or be prepared to wait. Due to the supply chain issues we have encountered, various global reseller listings show the Raspberry Pi 4 models are out of stock, and one site, Digi-Key, claims to have a 52 week lead time. what happens. back.

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Raspberry Pi 4 Stock Levels at Seeed

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Raspberry Pi 4 Stock Levels at Adafruit

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Raspberry Pi 4 Stock Levels at Mouser

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Raspberry Pi 4 Stock Levels at Mouser

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Raspberry Pi 4 stock levels at Digi-Key

(Image credit: Digi-Key)

We have checked Mouser, Adafruit, Micro Center and Seeed and they all report no stock and no indication of when stock arrived. UK retailers Pimoroni and The Pi Hut have a limited stock. Pimoroni currently only stores the 2GB model.

However, there are at least two places that have a 4GB Pi in stock right now. Vilros has the 4 GB model and all other capacities limited to one per customer and The Pi Hut has both 2 GB and 4 GB in stock, with no limit posted.

We reached out to Pimoroni co-founder Paul Beech, who confirmed this, per the October blog post from Raspberry Pi, according to which “supply is currently under great stress.” and that small batches of Raspberry Pi 4 were arriving at its Sheffield HQ.

Other Raspberry Pi models, such as the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, are almost always out of stock, although Micro Center seems to have it right now. A mix of high demand, low costs and limited production runs means that supplies are often interrupted as soon as they go on sale. The Raspberry Pi 400, which sees a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 in a keyboard chassis, appears to be doing relatively unscathed, with stock levels appearing to be consistent, albeit a bit constrained.

The news comes just months after Raspberry Pi Ltd CEO Eben Upton announced the very first price increase for the Raspberry Pi. The price increase saw the 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 rise from $ 10 to $ 45. , and the return of the 1GB model to hit the hefty $ 35 price tag that the Raspberry Pi has held since its launch in 2012. In 2021 Raspberry Pi produced 7 million units, similar to the number of units produced in 2020.

The range of Raspberry Pi boards, made in South Wales at Sony’s Pencoed factory, has been scaled back with older boards such as the Raspberry Pi 3 and older compute modules produced in limited numbers for use in the industrial sector.

We’ve reached out to Raspberry Pi Ltd for an official response, and we’ll update this story once we have it.