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Plans for Fagen site clear first hurdle

The Danville Area Planning and Zoning Commission has approved the planned subdivision of the Fagen Auto Parts property to Vermilion and Liberty. A new leasehold development in Fort Worth, Texas plans to install both a 7-Brew drive-thru cafe, as well as a Take 5 oil change location.

It was stated by the developer’s representative at the Thursday committee meeting that both venues will be strictly accessible by driving, with no entry into the buildings required. Customers will grab their coffee at a drive-thru window and stay in their vehicle for a quick oil change.

The subdivision is due to go to Danville City Council at its next meeting. Variances have also been approved, which do not have to be submitted to Council, allowing the developer to have the buildings at five feet instead of the usually required ten from the property line. Danville Community Development Administrator Logan Cronk said the city also asked the developer to make boundary improvements along Liberty, where an entrance would be.

Another thing needed will be Illinois Department of Transportation approval of the developer’s plans to move the Vermilion entrance a little behind the traffic lights from where it currently stands.

AUDIO: So the semi-final dish reflects a larger entry, first of all. And they push it as far away from the light as possible to make it safer. It’s completely in the world of IDOT. They will get final clearance for the Route 1 entrance and exit. (For) the Liberty (entrance), the city politely requested that the curb be upgraded and the entrance installed to our specifications.

Speculation is that IDOT approval could come in May, allowing work to begin in June. The next full Danville City Council meeting date is Tuesday, April 19.and.