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PlayStation users will get more exclusive “Modern Warfare 2” content

More exclusive content has been announced for the PlayStation versions of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

The existing pre-order bonus for PlayStation users, the Oni Operator Pack with Operator Title and Weapon Blueprint for use in modern warfare 2 and war zone, was announced in September with early access to the beta. An update on the Call of Duty website has now revealed that more exclusives will be made available to PlayStation users after launch.

According to the blog, players who purchase the Battle Pass bundle will get 25 extra tier skips instead of the usual 20. Monthly 24-hour double XP events and a 25% boost to weapon XP will also be granted to PlayStation users who team up in a party to play together, even if other party members are playing on other platforms.

In addition to all of the above, PlayStation users will also get two additional loadout slots after reaching level four in the game and unlocking create a class, as well as PS Plus members receiving Battle Packs which may contain items such as as weapon blueprints, skins, or operator emblems each season.

Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard featured similar exclusive perks for PlayStation users, so those familiar with the franchise and its history won’t find it surprising. However, it should be noted that Activision Blizzard removed entire PlayStation-exclusive modes, which excluded Xbox or PC users.

For those eager to get in on the action, we’ve put together a list of the whole of the modern warfare 2 weapons and equipment available at launchas good as all cards.

In other gaming news, Frontier Developments has confirmed that it is discontinuing support for Responsible for F1 2022 less than two months after the game was released. “This next update for Responsible for F1 2022 will be the last major update that addresses player-reported feedback or suggested changes and additions,” the studio announced.