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Post Draft Thoughts – (NY Jets Blog & Forum)

Here are some thoughts on the NY Jets draft now that we know which players have been selected.


– I think we are going to see some drastic changes in the pattern. The DLine will always be the focus, but the secondary additions lead me to believe we’ll see:

* More 1 on 1 coverage
* Fewer area concepts
* No more high school blitzes, especially CBs
* More position switching

– You don’t spend the amount of free agency $$$ (DJ Reed & Jordan Whitehead) and draft capital (Ahmad Gardner) on players to play vanilla Cover 2 / Cover 3 the whole game . Especially when their gang has shown they are physical, can press cover and blitz.

– With the depth we have in the secondary, we should see massive “cross training” as we head into camp. Staff got Jason Pinnock to safety last year and in my opinion we should do the same with Bryce Hall. A secondary that has “positionless” players can confuse QBs and lead to INTs.

– John Franklin-Myers should “float” between DE and DT depending on the situation.


– I believe Breece Hall’s writing will move the RB position from a committee approach to an RB1, RB2, RB3 structure. Hall’s size and college output showed he could be RB1 (20-25 touches) and while Michael Carter was impressive last year, he got knocked around. Which leads me to believe that it would be better suited to an RB2 role (10-15 keys). The fight for the role of RB3 will be fierce between Tevin Coleman, Ty Johnson, Zonovan Knight, Austin Walter and Lamical Perine.

– With actual TEs on the roster this year, I would expect to see some of the ‘SF Kittle’ package integrated into the passing game.

– I’m glad we didn’t double up at WR in the repechage. Because I want to see if Denzel Mims has a chance of reaching his draft potential. I don’t expect it, but if Mims finds his game somehow, a WR body with him being WR5 would be scary.

– Now it’s all about Zach Wilson to thrive in this offense. Because Joe Douglas did everything for him that Mike Maccagnan didn’t do for Sam Darnold. The OLine has been revamped and there is quality and depth to the skill sets. Wilson must now show what he has done in the TB game for a full 17 game schedule.