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Post-Primary Hangover Edition – Streetsblog New York City

With all eyes on the primary election, yesterday was a slow street-paced news day.

So let’s go straight to it:

  • The pedestrian who was seriously injured by a fleeing cyclist on August 11 has died. The cyclist is still free. (NBC, NYDN, Village Sun)
  • This biker who crashed into a park service truck last month also expired. (NYDN)
  • amNY’s Kevin Duggan writes a Citizens Budget Commission report warning of the MTA’s disrepair.
  • Mayor Adams’ Monday night announcement of a commercial truck parking crackdown in Queens was made for TV. (SCS)
  • Car cameras are more reliable in determining the causes of accidents than people. (NYT)
  • David Leonhardt’s NYT morning column on the racial gap in road deaths fails to mention proven solutions such as less driving, road diets, automated law enforcement like speed cameras and vehicle confiscation .
  • Planning chief Dan Garodnik argues for less NIMBYism and more new housing. (City limits)
  • Tuesday’s big winners appear to be Dan Goldman at NY-10 (although Yuh-Line Niou refused to concede as the gap is around 1,000 votes, with a few absentees counting) and Jerry Nadler, who beat Carolyn Maloney at NY-12.