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Prominent Former Gamers and Content Creators Share Petition to Stop Major UAE Project — SiegeGG

Image via Ubisoft/@joao_ferreria

During the reveal of the Year 7 roadmap, a Ubisoft spokesperson mentioned that the August major will take place in the “EU or MENA” region.

But a blog post, pushed to the official @R6Esports account at 11 a.m. Central Time, contained a different set of information about the Major’s location. According to the blog post, August Major will take place in the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE has a poor human rights record. The decision and the way the decision was communicated enraged the Rainbow Six Siege community.

Today – a day after the decision was communicated – the community came together to share a petition to stop the Major from performing there. Current pro players, former pro players, content creators, tournament operators, commentators and more have come together to express their displeasure.

As of this writing, over 4,000 people have signed the petition.

Ubisoft has not publicly commented on the Major’s status.

Multiple requests for comment, sent regarding the global esports team’s current business relationship with the merged company ESL/FACEIT (funded by the Saudi government), as well as regarding the UAE major, regarding “sportswashing” , have not been returned. These requests were made before and after the public announcement.