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Reddit and TikTok have teamed up to spam Kellogg’s job application site so they can’t hire 1,400 scabs in a bid to permanently replace striking workers

There are people who believe minimum wage jobs are fair and true under the belief that “if you don’t do it, someone else will”. Which, in their view, is largely true. A lot of people are in bad shape. Catastrophically bad. And these people will take a minimum wage job because a little money is better than no money at all, even if that means you are taking food from another person’s table. It’s a vicious circle. A cycle that shatters into a thousand pieces when you take the replacements out of the equation, which is what Reddit and Tiktok have accomplished so far with Kellogg’s Strike.

1,400 jobs. 1,400 people who, during the holidays, get up to be treated a little more humanely. Not having to work seven days a week for shitty pay with shitty benefits. It takes gargantuan, armored bullets to stop working, knowing that scabs are waiting to cross those picket lines and come and take those vacancies. And I can’t really blame these people either. The crusts are painted in a negative light, which is understandable, but these people don’t exactly cross the picket lines at Bentley either. You have poor people undermining other poor while the people at the top maintain their status quo. You’re removing that competition, which happened here when Redditors posted the job postings and TikTokers designed the code used to block these app websites, and you’ve got a real pickle for the chefs at Kellogg’s. Which is a shame. A real shame.

“Do you know what it means when they pay you minimum wage? It means they don’t care about you … you know what they’re trying to tell you? Hey, if I could pay you less , I would. But it’s against the law. ‘”- Chris rock