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Resurfaced blog post reveals Meghan Markle’s true feelings about Ivanka Trump

‘Revenge’ paints Meghan Markle as ruthlessly ambitious and makes a big deal out of the fact that she once looked up to Ivanka Trump. In quotes obtained by Page Six, Prince Harry’s future wife called Ivanka “incredibly beautiful…incredibly savvy and smart,” not to mention a model of decorum. While other socialites might be content to lounge and live off family status, Meghan wrote in her blog, “I always remember that Ivanka was different – she didn’t dance on tables as a teenager or didn’t release pop albums.” Meghan further praised Ivanka’s journey, writing, “Instead, she was graduating from the Wharton School (cum laude, might I add), launching the Trump Hotel Collection and building her own brand.” Biographer Tom Bower adds that Meghan later featured many Ivanka-branded products on her blog.

But that was then, and this is now. In the years since Meghan shut down her blog, her life and that of Ivanka have taken very different turns. Although Ivanka has never commented on the controversial royal wedding, President Donald Trump has often shared his feelings about Meghan, saying he’s “not a fan” of her. He called her “disrespectful to the Royal Family” and claimed she was “leading Harry by the nose” (via Newsweek). Meghan, in turn, called the president “misogynistic” and “divisive” in 2016, per Radar.

All things considered, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Duchess’ opinion of the former first daughter changed a bit.