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Royal Caribbean Post recap: January 9, 2022

Welcome to this week’s recap of all Royal Caribbean news and events. Hope you stay warm and are ready to make yourself comfortable for the cruise events this week.

Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean had to cancel departures on four cruise ships this week, marking the first massive cancellations since last summer.

Sailings on Symphony, Serenade and Jewel of the Seas have been canceled for at least a few weeks. Vision of the Seas has seen its return to service postponed.

The cruise line did not elaborate on the exact reason these ships were taken offline, saying only that the decision was “the result of current COVID-related circumstances around the world, and with great caution.”

Many cruise fans believe the decision may have been due to cases of Covid among crew members impacting operations.

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Royal Caribbean blog podcast

The 436th episode of the Royal Caribbean Blog podcast is now available, where Matt reviews his cruise on Navigator of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean recently returned to the Mexican Riviera and Matt got to experience a 7 night cruise to Mexico.

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New RCB video: 6 things cruising pros hate

Have you subscribed to the Royal Caribbean Blog YouTube channel? We regularly share great videos there, dedicated to a Royal Caribbean cruise! This week we are sharing our latest video – 6 Things Cruise Pros Hate! – and don’t forget to subscribe here.

What happens if you test positive for Covid on a cruise ship

Many cruise passengers are curious about what happens if you test positive for Covid-19 while on your cruise.

Brandon Smith recently sailed on Freedom of the Seas and had to quarantine himself due to testing positive for Covid, and shared his experience.

Brandon shared what happened when he tested positive for Covid on a ship, and what stages and changes you might expect to experience if this happens to you.

My top tip for going on a cruise ship in early 2022 during Omicron

It seems like everyone thinks twice before traveling during the peak of the Omicron variant in Covid cases, but thanks to Royal Caribbean’s strict health protocols, going on a cruise can still be a pleasant and relatively pleasant cruise experience. safe.

There is risk with everything, but there are a few easy things any traveler can do to protect themselves while getting back to sea.

If you decide to continue your cruise, I’ve shared some important recommendations on how to sail in early 2022.

Top false myths about the Omicron variant and going on a cruise ship right now

While there have been a lot of announcements in the cruise industry, there have also been a few rumors that just aren’t true about going on a cruise.

Between the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warning vaccinated passengers not to board a cruise ship, and reports of missed stopovers circulating on social media, there are plenty of misconceptions about where they are now. the cruise have emerged.

Here are three very important false myths about going on a cruise right now that are totally false.