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Royal Caribbean Post Roundup: November 13, 2022

Another busy week of Royal Caribbean fun has come to a close, but if you missed any, I’ve got a concise overview of it all for you in this weekly roundup!

Royal Caribbean’s new cruise terminal in Galveston opened this week.

Terminal 3 is the new home of Allure of the Seas and is a brand new $125 million cruise terminal.

The terminal will further innovate as the world’s first LEED Zero Energy facility, generating 100% of the energy it needs through on-site solar panels.

Royal Caribbean News

New RCB Video: 7 Ways to Have a Great Time in Port Without a Cruise Ship Shore Excursion

Are you subscribed to the Royal Caribbean blog YouTube channel? We regularly share great videos there, all about a Royal Caribbean cruise! This week we’re sharing our latest video – 7 Ways to Have a Great Time in Port Without a Cruise Ship Shore Excursion – and don’t forget to subscribe here.

New Icon of the Seas aerial construction photos

Want to see what Icon of the Seas looks like right now?

We’ve taken a series of new drone photos that show the ongoing construction progress, including the addition of the AquaDome.

Icon of the Seas should be delivered at the end of 2023 and start sailing in January 2024.

What it’s like to take a $99 Royal Caribbean cruise

What do you get for a $99 cruise fare?

Nicole recently cruised Liberty of the Seas after spotting a last-minute deal for just $99 per person.

What type of cabin can you get for just $99 and what is the actual cost of cruising once you sail?

7 things I did right (and 3 mistakes) on my recent day at the cruise port

Jenna recently spent a day in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and shared what she liked and disliked about her day in port.

Even if you do a lot of planning, mistakes can happen and she had that experience.

Here are the 7 best things Jenna did right (and 3 mistakes) on her recent day at the cruise port.

5 things I bought for a cruise that I regretted buying

Whether I thought they would make my life easier or simply improve the vacation experience, in practice, I have regretted a few purchases I have made for a cruise.

At the time of purchase it feels like a revelation and I usually end up buying it as I think how not to buy it to enhance my vacation.

Here is my own list of things I bought for a cruise that ended up being a terrible buying decision for me.