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Rumbles Sandwich Bar: ‘Ingol’s Best Butt Maker’ Will Close This Month

Rumbles Sandwich Shop, Ingol. Photo: Google

A former Preston resident has celebrated the legacy of a beloved Ingol sandwich shop known for its ‘legendary butties’.


Rumbles Sandwich Bar on Granton Walk, Ingol, located near Co-Op, is sadly due to close at the end of the month, with 20-year-old owner Jackie, ‘Ingol’s best butt maker’, hanging her apron on the store. last trading day, August 12.

Prestonian Ian Webb, who now lives in Birmingham and whose sister is a friend of Jackie, has visited the shop since it opened.

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Ian said: “His butt is legendary and his business has withstood recessions, pandemics and rivals.

“Neil’s bakery opened around the corner, and for years he made pies to rival Gornall’s, but he went bankrupt.

“Ingol chippy was one of the best in Preston until the owner and fryer were sold and like Umberto the new owners couldn’t replicate the magic, and the shop is still closed, having not survived to the pandemic.”

Once the owners have emptied the store, Rumbles will return the keys to the Community Gateway Association, a property management company representing Preston City Council.

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Ian said Jackie, a longtime PNE fan and season ticket holder, butts every Saturday while wearing a replica white lily shirt before closing up shop early so she can catch the game or rush home to listen to the game on the radio.

Ian said: “Jackie has chosen to hang up her apron and retire early just because she wants to – quit while she’s ahead.

“For me, I think it’s the end of an era. I’m going to miss his strong Preston accent which asks for “stick or bar”. White or brown ‘?

“I send him my warmest regards and best wishes for the future.”

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