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RuneScape 2022-23 Roadmap Details Story Content and Improvement Plans, New Starts Live Next Week

Executive Producer Mod Keeper at Jagex released a Blog which outlines the previously announced 2022-23 content roadmap for RuneScape with some new updates. Eager fans will be thrilled to hear about story content, quality of life improvements, a new skill, and more heading into the game with some secrets that are still unrevealed.

First, the ongoing Legacy of Zamorak storyline will continue over the coming months with new quests, boss fights, and flash events. There will also be additional smaller content alongside the story and teased to “mark the start of a new adventure”. As October approaches, fans can look forward to Wilderness events, GameJam concept designers from the team created in June, and new retro waivers chosen for inclusion in the game. 2022 ends with new master capes max, a skill slot, more ninja strikes, and an all-new Jagex launcher.

RuneScape Content Roadmap

Mod Keeper offers a brief look at 2023 starting with the delayed cost of death and large trade tax update. According to their current schedule, it will launch in early 2023 with a new storyline “woven through [their] next phase of content releases. Next year will also debut a new skill for players to learn, which the developers will talk about soon. More are planned for 2023 as Jagex continues to listen to player feedback and update its skills. tools and its pipelines.

And speaking of feedback, players can join Jagex’s Q&A session on Reddit this Friday to chat with their community team. They hope to address concerns about the game and resolve any questions players may have. Finally, the blog ends with the New starting worlds four-month event, which went live on September 26 as an experiment to start players from scratch. Regardless of what happens with its progress, the developers are interested in seeing how it teaches them “the best way to continually develop the game.”

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