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sabbah: Detained for sharing “hateful” message on Gen Rawat, Jammu school co-founder apologizes and obtains bail | India News

JAMMU: Sabbah Haji, the former principal and co-founder of Haji public school in the remote mountain village of Breswana, in Doda district, east Jammu, was released on bail Friday after her arrest the week latest for sharing an offensive post on social media that called CDS Gen. Bipin Rawat a “war criminal” after his death in a helicopter crash on December 8. She spent four days in detention and apologized in writing for the post.
A first-class executive magistrate gave Sabbah, 39, a personal bond of Rs 50,000 after he presented his written apology. The magistrate said security agencies would monitor his activities for a year.
The message on General Rawat that Sabbah shared drew much criticism against the nonprofit English-speaking school that she and her mother founded in 2009 in her home village, accessible only after a three to four hour hike to through mountainous terrain that remains snowed in winter. Several people called the school and demanded that it be closed.
The school administration fired her from her post and clarified that “a recent distasteful message in the media during the tours has nothing to do with the school and that the said person acted in an individual capacity. after the end of his term with the school “.
Her father Saleem Haji said: “We are looking for a new principal for the school.” He defended Sabbah, claiming that “all children make mistakes and she repented for hers… She had shared the post, had not made such remarks herself.” However, sharing objectionable posts on social media is just as damaging and punishable by law.
Sabbah, born in Dubai and educated in Bangalore, has been very active on social media, often posting about the activities of her family school which has been lauded for bringing quality education to one of J&K’s most remote corners. In 2017, she received a J&K government award for social reform and empowerment.
The coeducational school that started from the Haji family home with a couple of kindergartens now has over 450 students up to grade X from several neighboring villages. “My village, my school and my people in a small village that I call my home… are blissfully unaware of the political machinations in Delhi and Srinagar…” she wrote on her blog. This is “… why I have so much hope that the children in my village will grow up free from the turmoil, anger, resentment and lack of opportunity that unfortunately permeates normal life in Kashmir proper. said’.”
A graduate in English Literature, she previously worked as a content writer and accountant in Bengaluru until she decided to move to Breswana. Helped by his parents and a businessman uncle, the Haji Amina Charity Trust was formed in Doda in 2005 and it funds the school.