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Santen launches new educational eye care site for patients in the UK

Digital health boost as new website focuses on dry eye, which currently affects one in four people in the UK

A new patient-friendly educational site dedicated to eye care has launched in the UK, featuring medically reviewed articles, seasonal blog posts, expert advice from healthcare professionals and tools to help patients self-manage their eye health.

The site was developed by leading the pharmaceutical company specializing in ophthalmology, Santen.

Kim Levy, Digital Manager of OcuWellness at Santen UK, commented: “While OcuWellness is currently focusing on dry eye disease – an extremely common condition which our research has shown has worsened for many people over the pandemic – this is just the beginning and we plan to add many more areas of eye care education over the coming year and beyond.

The website currently focuses on dry eye, which affects one in four people in the UK. The site shares important information including symptoms, when to see a healthcare professional, how to avoid triggers related to lifestyle changes, the impact of eye surgery, and various treatment options.

Kim Levy said: “Creating trusted online sources for healthcare information has never been more important and as a leading specialist with over 130 years of experience in ophthalmology, we are able to create high-quality, in-depth and verified content. Our goal is for OcuWellness to help people take better care of their eyes and also become a valuable tool for healthcare professionals. “

“Throughout the pandemic, we have seen people are more reluctant to use healthcare services, including the pharmacist – sometimes out of fear of infection, but also because it is now less convenient as we travel all less,” said Sam Little, dry eye and allergy marketing manager at Santen UK.

She added: “It obviously has a ripple effect on treatment adherence and health care outcomes. Going the extra mile to add a boutique feature to OcuWellness seemed like a natural step to improve access to treatment.