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Save 83% Over a Lifetime of DevDojo Pro: Premium Content, Tools, and Courses for Developers

Today’s highlighted offer goes through our Online course part of the Neowin Deals online storewhere you can save 83% over a lifetime of DevDojo Pro. Perfect for passionate developers! Complete with a simple page builder, markdown editor, courses, and more.

Your next great idea starts here!

This DevDojo Pro lifetime subscription gives you access to a set of tools to help you create your next big idea.

Start with Page Creator, where you’ll find TailwindCSS Page Builder, a tool for creating beautiful landing pages. Next, move on to the Wave SAAS Starter Kit, where you’ll learn how to build your Software as a Service application and earn money from it. With the Ninja training program, you will learn the basics before you start building your business. Get access to premium courses and episodes!

Everything is just a click away!

Wave SAA Starter Kit

  • Tons of features to help you build the SAAS of your dreams
  • Fully Loaded Authentication, Email Verification and Password Reset
  • Customizable user profiles. Allow your users to easily enter data and customize their user profiles
  • With impersonations you can log in as another user and troubleshoot a problem or fix a bug
  • Allow users to pay for your service and purchase a subscription using the Paddle Payment platform
  • Create new plans with different features and intrigue your users to subscribe to any plan
  • Grant permissions to users based on roles, then you can assign a role to a specific plan
  • Out-of-the-box notification system that integrates with the default Laravel notification feature
  • Grant permissions to users based on roles, then you can assign a role to a specific plan
  • Equipped with a fully functional blog. Write articles related to your product to gain free SEO traffic
  • Ready-to-use API for your application. Create API tokens with role-specific permissions
  • Wave was built using Laravel & Voyager, making it easy to administer your app!
  • Fully configurable themes. Choose from a few starter themes to start configuring to make it your own

Here’s the deal:

A DevDojo Pro lifespan normally costs $900but you can get it temporarily for only $149; it’s a saving of $751 at 83% off. For a full description, specs, and instructor information, click the link below.

Lifetime DevDojo Pro for $149

Not for you?

It does not matter, other Neowin offers are available you can check here.

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