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Season 3 of Barstool Idol returns this summer. Are you a content creator and want to work at Barstool Sports?? Submit your auditions now.

Barstool Idol is back for Season 3. The same show that brought you Francis, Donnie, Marty, a bit buffet and the man from Michigan (they say the brightest stars burn the fastest).

People always ask how can I work at Barstool. Well, here is a great opportunity. The bar stool is a star-making platform. We just need to find the people to make stars. We want overhead camera type personalities, we want writers, basically if you’re talented and funny, we want you. Here’s what to do. Find your best ideas, sketches, tapes and send them. If you stand out, we’ll invite you. If you outplay everyone, you get a contract offer…and if you stink, we’ll laugh at you. Anyway, it will be content, content, content. We want guys and girls. Barstool Idol auditions are coming up. The ball is in your court.


And just to give you an idea… we are looking for creative people in all areas of the internet. See below.

Are you a content creator trying to break through and be seen or heard?

Do you create your own Youtube?

Do you host a podcast?

are you funny?

Do you do TikToks?

Do you like to play?

Have you developed a Twitter account?

Are you just a weird brain?

You get the idea… Come up with your best ideas, videos and links to show what you can do. If you’re funny or talented enough, we’ll hire you. People always tell us they would be great to work here, well now is your chance to prove it. We want guys and girls.