If the salary was made shorter than the month, is the solution to request a loan? Know in which situations a loan can be useful and the type of financing ideal for each case:

Loan is your solution

Loan is your solution

Debts: if you have problems in the budget (for example, an overdue account), making a loan can be a good solution to remove your debt and still earn a discount for timely payment. The idea is to try to replace a larger debt with a smaller one. Therefore, he prefers a personal loan to the special check, since the former has much lower interests than the latter. Another low-cost financing is the secured loan.

Buying a car: applying for financing directly at the dealership can be very tempting, however, you must pay with high interest or additional fees. Therefore, the experts indicate that the most advisable thing is to request a loan in the bank, where the interest rate is more accessible.

Buy goods: do you need to change your fridge or want to buy a big screen TV? If you do not have money to pay in cash, run away from the credits at the stores and choose to apply for a loan at your bank, where the interest charged is lower.

Open your own business: if you have the absolute certainty of being able to pay the loan installments, this can be a good option for your idea to finally see the light of day. However, look for low cost financing.

Urgent money: if you need money urgently, the consigned credit or the personal loan can help solve your problem in a simple and practical way.

Emergencies: in exceptional situations, such as the need for immediate medical treatment, the purchase of medicines or the repair of the car, fast credit is an alternative offered by online entities and allows you to have money in your account 24 hours after the moment that you accept the loan agreement.

However, in any of the situations described above, it is advisable to make several comparisons before making a decision. In this way you can compare rates, terms and values, to choose the credit modality tailored to your budget.