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Six post-event uses for webinar content

Webinars are a great way to deliver educational content, but organizations must remain vigilant to meet changing audience expectations and achieve their own goals. An important practice is to reuse webinar content. It should be easy to find for viewers who were unable to attend the live event and should also serve as a marketing and engagement tool.

In a MeetingsNet hosted webinar on December 2 webinars, Alyssa Peltier, Senior Director, Industry Solutions, and Brock Moreau, Product Marketing Director, both of Cvent, (indicated below) shared six ideas for reusing content:

• Publish it to your website as on-demand content.

• Post it on YouTube. “It’s an easy SEO victory. And that’s where people are actively looking, ”said Moreau. “If you want to go further, break your footage into smaller segments that answer specific questions researched online. “

• Create a highlight coil. “If you have time,” suggests Moreau, “create a flagship version of the webinar in a few minutes and deliver it with the full version. People pressed for time appreciate being able to see the main take-out options. “

• Create mini-clips. Find your best 10-60 second clips and post them on social media to promote the full on-demand version of the webinar.

• Create GIFs. You can also turn short clips into GIFs, Moreau said, and embed them in post-webinar emails.

• Transcribe the webinar. Submit your webinar to or another transcription service. The resulting document can be used as the basis for a blog post.

Moreau urged planners to determine before the webinar how the content will be reused. “Create a post-webinar playbook,” he said. “In the past, I created a webinar task list template in Asana with all post-webinar tasks pre-assigned to my team members. So every time we had a webinar, we would just duplicate the template and get down to business. This allowed him to know what assets needed to be created, who was doing it and that nothing was going through the cracks.

Reorienting content was just one of 10 topics that Peltier and Moreau touched on during their 60-minute presentation. For more information on new formats, smart branding, engaging graphics and videos, and other great webinar tips, check out the on-demand webinar here.