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Solar-powered aircraft maker Skydweller announces Series A funding round and partnership with Palantir

Skydweller Aero secured $ 40 million in Series A funding round led by Leonardo, Advection Growth Capital and Marlinspike Capital and will use the funds to further develop its autonomous systems, aerial vehicles, and intelligence and data collection service offerings.

Skydweller said Thursday it has also partnered with Palantir Technologies to use the latter’s Foundry enterprise analytics platform to accelerate the collection and processing of large volumes of data.

“We see Skydweller as the next generation renewable powered aircraft platform that can be harnessed for intelligence, telecommunications and geospatial data, etc. Said Akash Jain, president of Palantir’s USG business.

Skydweller, based in Oklahoma City, builds solar-powered aircraft for the commercial and defense industries.

Skydweller CEO Robert Miller said investor interest in the company reflects a great need for persistent airborne platforms in the government and commercial sectors.

The company received a contract from Naval Air Systems Command to demonstrate the capabilities of its solar airplanes in long endurance flight.