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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Reveals More Content


Gun Interactive and Sumo Digital today released new content for their upcoming game, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The first is the reveal of the game’s main theme, which is simply called “The Massacre”. The song was written by the composer Ross Tregenza and features a performance by the CEO of Gun Wes Keltner on his engine of apprehension. We have the video below for you to check it out. The second aspect was a new look at how the game will play out with attributes used to overcome obstacles, as they broke everything down into five categories. We have a snippet of the information below along with the full blog post about it here. The game will be released in 2023.

Credit: Gun Interactive

“Character stats are broken down into five main attribute categories: stamina, stamina, strength, skill, and stealth, and while each kill has a base value for each attribute, these values ​​can be changed through the metagame and that victim’s unique skill Tree. Attribute unlock points are hidden among the various perks in the skill tree. Catching one of them will award a point that can be used to increase the value of n any attribute the player chooses. This is just one of the options players can use to build their kill loadouts in unique ways. Of course, base values ​​play an important role in this, as increasing a low base value will cost more attribute unlock points than looking at a specific victim’s strengths More on the full metagame later For now, let’s cover this what these attributes really are.

  • Hardness: Tenacity should NOT be confused with strength. True tenacity is courage, built from character, and in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, it’s not just a pool of health. While resistance helps you take more damage before becoming incapacitated, it also shortens your recovery time, giving you higher overall survivability.
  • Endurance: Similar to Toughness, Endurance encapsulates more than just the stamina pool. Stamina in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will help with overall stamina while also speeding up your stamina regeneration rate, allowing you to get back to full speed faster.
  • Strength: Strength determines a victim’s effectiveness in dealing with family members. Strength can change the duration of the stun effect for actions such as sneak attacks, grabs in close encounters, and bursting hideouts. The force also assists victims in certain interactions like escaping restraints, opening crawl spaces, and shutting down the generator.
  • Skill: Skill is the gauge we measure of a victim’s ability to perform skilled tasks and interactions, such as picking locks. While higher skill victims can pick locks more easily, lower skill victims can still pick locks, they might just have a little more trouble with the interaction.
  • Stealth: Stealth is everywhere in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and as such the stealth attribute is a bit more specific than the general stealth that all victims are capable of. This attribute influences the victim’s ability to perform actions silently, generating less noise when performing tasks. However, this does not affect general stealth used in the game, such as hiding from family members and staying in the shadows.”

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