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The Celtic fansite accuses The Record of stealing a story from them.

Earlier in the week I did something I had never done before. I used the full text (pretty much, I deleted a big irrelevant section) from a mainstream media article in an article I had written.

The article was written by Keith Jackson.

But not only did I acknowledge the fact that I did, but that was the whole point of the article. The article was so ridiculous and distorted that I wrote it as a Keith Jackass article and published it more or less as he wrote it.

The ultimate parody of an article that could have been written as such.

Tonight however, Celtic fan site Vital Celtic, run by a good friend of mine, Paddy Sinat, accused The Daily Record of stealing one of their articles, and not in the joking way I did during the week, to make a point, but to claim credit for it.

The Record tried to disguise this by making it a “six of the best” tracks, but they started with a very familiar section on Moritz Jenz that sounds suspiciously like something brought up from elsewhere… naughty, naughty boys.

I wonder, if we searched hard enough, wouldn’t we find the other five segments of their article elsewhere?

Not that I would accuse them of anything like that of course…

Because there are words for it. Unprofessional. Lazy.

Oh yeah, and what is that other one they use in journalism school as the number one sin in the do’s and don’ts?

Oh yes, that’s true. Plagiarism.

Still, this isn’t the first time the mainstream media has been accused of doing this.

These people forget that we monitor every word they write.

And so we know every word they don’t write, and therefore every word they steal.

The media has become famous for its cut-and-paste trash.

They do it now without even thinking about it. The next time you read an original, well-written and well-researched article in our sports press, it will be the first time in a long time.