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The Celtic site grabs the daily record in a grimy interview about Juranovic.

Kudos to the always excellent Joe McHugh on VideoCelts, who tonight recounted how The Daily Record mistranslated – certainly deliberately – the interview Juranovic gave to Croatian media the other day.

The Record made their own version of the translation.

Because the story involved Atletico Madrid, the Spaniards also made a translation. To say that in one section they are distinctly different is an understatement. They are totally different.

In the Spanish version he says he hasn’t even asked his agent about the stories as he is happy at Celtic and focused on playing for us in the Champions League even though Atletico Madrid are a big club. Open and close, right?

The Record invented a quote!

Their version has Juranovic saying he hoped the stories were true. Nothing about not even asking his agent, but an oblique suggestion that he would be happy if the Madrid club really came for him.

I’d say The Record needs to explain the difference between these versions – which you can read in full here on Joe’s article – but really, who needs to hear their pitiful excuses?

They wrote the version they wanted, the version their audience wanted and that shouldn’t surprise us at all. That’s how they work. This is the level at which they work.

Celtic fans should know not to believe a word written by a rag.

The Record has been getting away with this sort of thing for years. Before blogs, they could do this with impunity. Now that we’re watching every move they make, they can’t.

Kudos to Joe at VideoCelts for correcting their “wrong” version of events.

Kudos to him for exposing them for what they are; liars, stirring the soup every chance they get.

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