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The first major post-launch patch for Battlefield 2042 goes live today •

With another due next month.

Just under a week after its initial launch – and after a somewhat shaky start – DICE rolled out the first major post-release patch for Battlefield 2042, seeking to fix some of its many issues.

While fundamental issues such as the lack of an in-game dashboard or voice chat have been recognized, they are not part of the first wave of fixes. Instead, today’s update – named Update Two, after the first patch that released a week after the game was widely available (look, video game launches are complicated now) – instead introducing balancing and performance adjustments.

One of these is improved how field revives work, the Hovercraft and Nightbird nerf, an improved respawn system, and an overrated fire dispersion fix that made so mediocre battlefield 2042 shooter.

The third update, which will be released next month, goes much further, introducing fixes for UI, maps, matchmaking, and progression. There is a full list on EA’s official Battlefield Blog that has some awesome details if you want to learn more.

Battlefield 2042 officially launched last week, taking the series into a near-future setting for this multiplayer release only. It was one of the most difficult beginnings for a Battlefield game since the infamous launch of Battlefield 4, making it one of the lowest-rated games on Steam. There is still hope, however, for its future if EA and DICE can find a home for this barely dispersed package.