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The most engaging types of YouTube content people love to watch and comment on

YouTube, like many other platforms, has become an indispensable part of today’s entertainment.

Every day, terabytes of varied content are uploaded for target audiences. Yet, not all videos go viral and get billions of engagements and comments. With the abundance of material, users become more picky and difficult to amaze. So what are the most interesting types of content on YT that cater to the preferences of millions of users and start all the discussions?

Knowing the most captivating types of content will help you promote your channel. Yet, there are other ways to increase the popularity of your videos. Yes you recover reach a real audience, you can buy YouTube comments to give it a little boost and increase your chances of success.

travel vlogs

Watching and commenting on someone’s life might have been considered a scary and even dangerous pastime fifteen years ago. Yet, nowadays, video blogs of celebrities and influencers or travelers are hitting YouTube trends. Through such videos, fans and even haters can learn a lot about the lifestyle of the people they admire or despise.

At the same time, for vloggers, it’s a great platform to earn money with ads, sponsorships, and selling merchandise. For travel bloggers, this is a great option for showing hotels and destinations to their audience.

Review videos

In a world full of goods and services popping up every day, it’s important to make smart choices. When searching for article recommendations, a modern user will search the Internet for help. In this regard, video reviews have become not only a popular entertainment but also a powerful source of marketing.

Marketers and brand managers realized that people tend to trust recommendations and reviews on platforms like YouTube and launched different campaigns with influencers. Such a strategy is explained by the fact that people prefer to consume content while watching it. Also, followers can ask different questions in the comment section regarding the product so that they will gladly buy a product recommended by their favorite blogger.


With the advent of the internet, it has never been easier for a wider audience to learn new skills. However, it became a blessing and a curse at the same time. What shortens attention span and makes people more impatient are:

  • search engine,
  • affordable smartphones,
  • Social media.

That’s why short informative video tutorials has become so popular. In fact, tutorials are the most viewed and commented on type of content on YouTube. 86% of YouTube users claim to watch and participate in discussions on these videos daily.

Comedy Videos

The comedy genre continues to be popular in all types of media. Funny videos get twice as many comments as music and educational videos. People love watching hilarious pet videos, memes, sketches and such content becomes a great stress reliever for subscribers of all ages. This fact makes this type of material so popular.

let’s play

For today’s computerized world, the phenomenon of let’s play is amazing. What makes millions of people watch someone play every day instead of trying all those games for themselves? Renowned YouTube influencers earn a real fortune each year playing different types of games, from hits like Cyberpunk 2077 to classics like Minecraft. It has been estimated that there are more let’s play viewers than streaming services like:

There are several reasons for the popularity of Let’s Plays, one of them being its affordability. People in low-income countries cannot buy modern computers or consoles and cannot play new games. Besides, game prices are also an issue. Watching and commenting on someone playing for you on YouTube (which is free in most cases) can erase those limitations.


The last years can be called “the age of challenges”. People enthusiastically participate in different types of challenges (even dangerous and confusing ones) launched by famous bloggers and influencers. The most striking example is the charity Ice Bucket Challenge. He conquered all continents and hired such remarkable personalities as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.


Even though there are tons of useful information on YouTube, people prefer to watch something more fun. The COVID-19 pandemics were the reason people started looking for an engaging way to relax and be entertained online. Surprisingly, videos of bloggers commenting on others were exactly what audiences needed. The most important thing about reactions is that they are spontaneous and heartfelt, which proves to be emotionally appealing to followers.

Of course, this also applies to travel. Users enjoy exploring and reacting to world famous destinations and points with their favorite bloggers. No wonder the ProColumbia video on YouTube has been viewed 800,000 times. And what’s more, followers are inspired to discuss travel destinations with others in the comments section.

Tops and best videos

This type of YouTube content is extremely popular because you can create your ranking on literally anything in the world. The tops and best of videos widely distributed and commented on among beauty and fashion bloggers have become a breeding ground for the marketing and advertising spheres.


The growing popularity of unboxing videos may seem surprising, but in fact, it’s just one more advertising tool, influencing subscribers’ buying habits and decisions. For example, high-request items that bloggers tend to unbox include:

  • Toys
  • Expensive gadgets such as iPhones or Samsung smartphones
  • Computers and tablets
  • game consoles

Yet, it’s not just about marketing. Watching and commenting on unboxing videos has a therapeutic effect because they are engaging.

Beauty Videos

Makeup tutorials are the most engaging type of beauty-related content on YouTube, which gets billions of views and tons of comments. Beauty videos have not lost their relevance even during the most severe times of the Covid-19 pandemics. There are several reasons for such hype.

First of all, through tutorials, people learn how to do makeup on their own, so there is no need to take offline classes. Secondly, such material is aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Finally, it influences consumer decisions, which is a benefit for both brands who make a profit and for followers who get product recommendations in the comments section.

What type of content to choose?

Each of the content pieces discussed above has its own characteristics that make it unique and viral. Yet, the best part about these niches is that they leave plenty of room for new ideas that entice audiences to leave comments on YouTube. The most important thing is to be original and find the type that suits you.