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The Number 1 STD & Herpes Dating Site

Dating can be tricky with uncertainty and self-awareness in the first place, and tackling it with an STI certainly doesn’t make it any easier. For people with sexually transmitted infections, Positivesingles is a tailor-made online STD dating site that caters to people who are nervous about finding a potential partner.

After a diagnosis of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or a sexually transmitted infection (STI), it’s not the end of your social life. Yes, even if he momentarily feels a tumult of emotions. You may be angry, feel like you’ve lost your partner or been hurt in some way, and even blame yourself or someone else. These fears and feelings are totally normal.

But as boring as an STD diagnosis can be, you’ll be fine. Learning about it and how manageable it is can usually help alleviate these feelings. And when they do, you will realize that life will go on. You can still meet singles on STD and Herpes dating sites like PositiveSingles. You can still be healthy, you can still have sex and live life to the fullest. Here’s how.

1. How to reduce shame and stigma after an infected STD?

“There is a stigma around any sexually transmitted infection, and it carries over to anyone diagnosed with it. [an STD]says Henderson Lindsay, PsyD, a psychologist in New York City. “People feel embarrassed, that they are somehow damaged and that no one will want to be with them in the future.” But knowing more about STIs and how to control them usually helps reduce stigma.

Inform yourself once you are infected with an STD.

Even if you don’t feel comfortable sharing details about your sexual experiences, the doctor’s office is a place where you can get the specific information you need to get the right care. Understanding STIs and educating yourself about them can help reduce these feelings.

Hundreds of websites (including CDC and ASHA) provide online support and information for people with STDs. Many offer treatment information, chat rooms, message boards, and social groups around the world. Nevertheless, the doctor will be able to explain mainly what is going on with you and also be empathetic,” says Henderson Lindsay. “A medical professional can help you see that you are not a bad person. It’s not a life sentence.”

Tell your potential partner about your STD status?

These conversations aren’t fun, but if the tests show you have an STD, your current sex partner and any other sex partners you’ve had in the past two months should be told so they can get tested.

It’s best to approach the conversation realistically and concisely in a safe environment with few distractions, says Jenelle Marie Pierce, executive director of the STD Project and spokesperson for “Give the person time and let them take a few days to answer your questions. Also, do your best not to take their reaction personally.

  • When to say it: the sooner the better
    This is especially important with many sexually transmitted infections which usually have no symptoms until complications arise that threaten your health or fertility. Plus, it’s just the right thing to do. A partner deserves to know so they can make an informed decision on how to proceed.
  • How to say it: Be honest and confident
    If you are diagnosed with an STI, you should be honest, don’t blame, and talk about your status with all current and past partners who may have been exposed.|If you plan to share sexy moments with someone new, you must first share your results. This also applies to kissing, as some STIs, such as oral herpes or syphilis, can be transmitted through kissing.

To note: Talking about test results face to face can lead to security risks in some situations. Suppose you are worried that your partner will become aggressive. In this case, a text or specialist trained in disease intervention might be a safer way to proceed.

Each state has several requirements, but most require specific STIs to be reported to the local or state health agency. Public health agencies frequently hire disease response experts who can educate partners and refer patients to treatment.

2. Enjoy social life by dating someone with STDs on an online dating site

If you have a sexually transmitted infection, the online dating pool may seem much smaller. But don’t limit yourself! One of the most popular online herpes dating, Positivesingles, is not banned. In turn, a person with an STI can meet someone who is infected or not, but is open to the option of being with someone who does. In this case, education is crucial. You need to understand and approach the conversation as you go.

The benefits of online dating

Getting started is easy: It is more comfortable to meet and converse with strangers online than in person.

Flexible and practical: You can access the Positive Singles and any dating app on a phone or computer. You can even choose between a free version or a premium aircraft subscription to access fascinating features that will give you that extra edge.

Increases the probability of finding your match: Depending on your filter options, you only get suggestions from people in your preferred location, age limit, or other factors you select.

This gives insight into the personality: It allows you to understand your match’s personality and interests.

Quite affordable: One of the advantages of online dating is that it is inexpensive.

Generalist Dating Site VS Niche Herpes Dating Site

The general online dating service uses software to match users based on mathematical formulas (algorithms) based on their profile information, preferences, and hobbies.

There are hundreds of online dating platforms. But the niche herpes dating site has a slightly different marketing approach designed to appeal to various segments of the dating population. And is the leader STD dating site for people living with herpes, HPV and other STIs.

3. Positive Singles Review

There are a number of dating sites that specialize in herpes. But the most popular of which is – the current “#1 trusted” online dating site for STDs.

Leading positive dating platform for herpes, HPV and STDs,, answers the call. Google Analytics from the official PositiveSingles account showed that around 80% of singles with herpes, HPV and STDs prefer online dating to the frustrations of trying to meet compatible people in other ways.

The registration process.

It only takes a few minutes to create an account on the Positive Singles platform. Click “register now” to begin filling out your registration information. The necessary details include your name, gender, age, height, location address and email.

Unlike a general dating site, you must enter several types of STDs in a mandatory field. If you can’t find the one you live with, you’ll need to select another one.

The Positive Singles Advantage for STD Singles

  1. At positive singles, you don’t care about “The Conversation”. The site is an exclusive dating site for STIs like herpes, syphilis, hepatitis, chlamydia, etc., singles with a welcoming dating environment.
  2. No Rejection or Discrimination: This is actually one of the safest platforms for people who are unsure about their infection because they have been judged and shunned.
  3. Positive Singles is a safe online dating environment for people with STDs. Your profile can remain completely anonymous until you decide to go further with a potential match. Profiles are also viewed by a human rather than an automated procedure.
  4. Positive Singles Support Features: The website offers a “quick exit” feature. It quickly redirects users to another site if their privacy is threatened or people around them are staring at their screen and the sites they are on.Members can also hide their profiles from particular individuals or create a private album accessible to a select few. Additionally, the STD Q+A feature on the site is anonymous and discreet, allowing users to ask advice questions without disclosing their identity. The site’s advanced features offer unique functionality – including “First Date Ideas”, “Let’s Meet”, and a comprehensive resource center.

4. Best parts of PositiveSingles STD dating site.

  1. Over 20,000 active STD blog posts per month with a search for your perfect partner. Adequate instant messaging and e-mail tools allow you to contact potential partners quickly.
  2. This site is a full STD dating service accessible through their dating site and app. Mobile apps are available in (iOS and Android stores).
  3. Detailed privacy settings and blocking tools are also available, as well as statistical information about your profile and your activities on the site.
  4. I really love that the PositiveSingles STD community can provide friendship, support, romance, or just medical information and recommendations on over 900 comprehensive listings of STD care locations.
  5. Since the launch of this herpes dating site, there have been thousands of inspiring success stories for people with sexually transmitted infections. You will find many people writing about real-life experiences, including inspirational general stories of living with STDs.
  6. PositiveSingles provides the best customer support team (even a free member) can access various customer support points. You have the option to chat with a live representative or choose to contact them via email.


After thoroughly reviewing Positive Singles, comparing it to other STD and herpes dating sites and more general online dating services, we believe it’s the perfect option for people with sexually transmitted infections.

The platform is easy to navigate and the mobile app provides an added layer of ease of use while on the go. In addition, Positive Singles offer something far more valuable than standard dating sites. They offer their members a community intended only for people living with STDs.

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