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The pioneer technological site HardOCP returns in limited capacity

To sum up: It has been nearly three years since HardOCP founder Kyle Bennett announced he was leaving the site to take a position at Intel as Director of Passionate Engagement, a job that would see Bennett serve as a liaison between the chipmaker and the community of enthusiasts. This week, however, he returned to HardOCP albeit in limited capacity.

In a farewell message posted on March 19, 2019, Bennett said he has been doing the same job for over two decades and that the opportunity to do something new is very exciting.

“My new role at Intel is going to allow me to be another voice for the enthusiasts within the company, which I think needs to be moved forward,” Bennett said. Likewise, I will become a voice of Intel that will directly reach the enthusiast community, which I believe is just as necessary.

What was unexpected about all of this was that Kyle’s stint at Intel wouldn’t last more than two months.

Bennett said HardOCP will be “put on the back burner” and no longer publish news, editorials or review material. Given the effective date of April 1, some thought it was little more than an April Fool’s Day. A follow-up Twitter post with a photo of his Intel job badge dispelled any suspicion of an elaborate prank.

On December 28, 2021, Bennett returned to HardOCP. In a brief update, he said he had been out of the game for almost three years, but wanted a place to say what he thought was not on social media. He cautioned that visitors should not expect daily updates or criticism as in the past. Rather, think of it as a blog where he will occasionally talk about tech equipment and businesses. Interested parties can follow Kyle on Twitter, too much.

Image credit: mule