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TikTok: how to recognize other creators for their content

ICT Tac does not stop its rhythm of updates and announces a new feature, in this case designed so that users the tik tokers recognize other creators for their content. The idea is clear and simple: give credit to whoever created the original video or proposal.

TikTok wants its users to be grateful

In a blog entry, from TikTok, they commented that app users will have new ways to tag, mention and credit a video in the description. Following engagement, Everything indicates that the managers of this social network seek to establish that “giving credit” is a norm among content creators.

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It’s not just about using another user’s video and crediting them as the original creator, but also attribute inspiration to a source determined.

TikTok: how to give credit to other users?

Once the update with the change is received, after creating or editing a video on TikTok, users will see a video icon in the post section. When you touch it, the the tik tokers they will be able to select a clip that inspired them or that they liked, or that have the same sound, for example.

The tag will then appear as a mention in the title. For their part, the author who has been tagged will receive a notification within TikTok informing them that someone has given a credit and that they have been mentioned. As mentioned, the idea is recognize other authors when you deserve it.

TikTok also said it will include more prompts and a pop-up explaining the importance of credit throughout the publishing processencouraging users of this popular social network to recognize the original creators of the idea featured in their video.

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The platform has also added a credit source section to its creator portal, where users can see best practices for crediting original authors, discover different ways to do so, and learn how to find the true creator of a trend. .

TikTok: when will this new feature be released?

According to the source, the social network plans to implement this change gradually over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, users may not yet find the new feature, which should be coming to their phones soon because, on TikTok, give credit where credit is due.