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Times refuses to establish Judaism’s holiest site | The Jewish Press – | Paul Pickle | 22 Av 5782 – 19 Aug 2022

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You may have to search hard to find the truth in his page, but you can ALWAYS find anti-Israel propaganda on his filthy pages.

The New York Times has enlisted four reporters to cover the August 14 Arab terrorist attack on Israeli Jews in Jerusalem. Journalists covering Jerusalem, Seoul and Hong Kong (I don’t know why correspondents thousands of miles away were needed) were unable to write a clear and balanced report.

The article began with the usual anti-Israel bias with the headline “Eight injured in Jerusalem shooting” which did not clearly label the attacker as Arab Muslim or the victims as Israeli and American Jews. While the article would eventually reveal that the attacker was a “Palestinian,” it would never make it clear that the victims were all Jewish. Instead, the attack was framed as between countries at war, continuing a pattern of Palestinians and Israelis being killed in recent months.

The Times went on to mention Silwan, the neighborhood the Arab terrorist came from, as having tensions “between its Palestinian residents and a small but growing number of Israeli settlers”. While Palestinian Arabs and Israelis are both “residents,” the Times chose to use the biased Palestinian narrative to describe Israelis.

At that point, the document shifted squarely to religion:

Sacred to Jews and Muslims, the nearby Temple Mount houses the third holiest mosque in Islam and was the location in antiquity of two ancient Jewish temples which remain important to Jewish identity.

According to the Times, while the Temple Mount is “holy to both Jews and Muslims”, the site is truly more important to Islam, as it “houses Islam’s third holiest mosque”. . For Jews, the site is only a talisman and “important for Jewish identity”.

This is a deliberate insult to millions of Jews around the world. The Temple Mount is THE holiest place in Judaism.

Continuing the trend, the article mentions that “Hamas, the islamist militant group that rules the Gaza Strip” celebrated the attack, but did not cite Fatah, the party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas also cheering the shooting, posting on Facebook “Praise to the one whose gun speaks only against his enemy. Long live the unity of our people and long live the free hero. Glory to the gun barrels, our people will fight the occupation with all kinds of resistance. Save your bullets and use them against the occupation, only the occupation!!

Why did the newspaper choose to refer only to the “Islamist” politico-terrorist group and not to the secular political group that controls the presidency and zones A and B? Does the Times think the conflict is religious or political? He swung back and forth in the inelegant article.

The four journalists who contributed to the story made a final pivot at the end of the article, writing: “Israeli efforts to build archaeological and tourist attractions in Silwan, primarily celebrating the area’s ancient Jewish heritage, are seen by Palestinians as a way to erode Palestinian claims. To the city.” This pivoted the conflict as neither political nor religious but historical. In this case, the Times seemed more comfortable pointing out that the Jews have a much longer history in the region than the Arabs who arrived more recently Perhaps he does, wondering if the story is really fueling the conflict or is a topic of discussion between the parties.

The Times dances around the political and religious nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict. While the anti-Zionist newspaper is comfortable with political arguments that make Israel the biggest and most powerful political actor, it is loath to point out that Israel has a much deeper religious claim to the land and Jerusalem. Perhaps the liberal media are concerned that too much information educates readers on the underlying logic of Israel retaining full control of Jerusalem’s Old City, in direct opposition to Palestinian political goals of seizing the site from the state. Jewish.

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