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Toshiba Unveils New 18TB MN09 Series NAS Hard Drives

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Strong growth in data authoring is driving demand for higher storage capacities, and customers working from home need fast access to data and the ability to archive and share data in cloud environments private. The 18TB MN09 offers superior storage capacity and energy efficiency to meet the growing needs of storage customers.

The MN09 is a 9-disc helium-sealed conventional magnetic recording (CMR) player that uses Toshiba’s innovative new flow-controlled microwave assisted magnetic recording (FC-MAMR ™) technology. FC-MAMR ™ increases CMR capacity to 18TB and provides increased density per tray over previous designs. The MN09 is the 3 e generation of using Toshiba’s innovative 9-drive helium-sealed mechanical design.

MAMR technology is a solution that extends the data capacities of the hard drive. The ability of the hard disk using a new MAMR head to greatly improve the write capacity of the microwave assisted switching effect (MAS) has been developed recently. Toshiba will continue to meet market demand and advance the data densities of CMR drives with MAMR technology.

The MN09 is designed for 24/7 operation and has a nominal workload of 180 TB / year [2] . Up to eight drive bays are supported by 3.5 inch NAS [3] drive.

18TB 7200RPM NAS drive is designed with 512MB buffer memory and delivers consistent high performance with a sustained transfer rate of 268MB / s [4] , making it the preferred choice for home offices and small businesses. The 18TB MN09 is available now.

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[1] Capacity definition: one terabyte (TB) = trillion bytes, but the actual available storage capacity may vary depending on operating environment and formatting. Available storage capacity (including examples of various media files) will vary depending on file size, formatting, settings, software and operating system and / or preinstalled software applications, or media content. . Actual formatted capacity may vary.
[2] Workload is a measure of data throughput over the course of a year, and is defined as the amount of data written, read, or verified by commands on the host system.
[3] “3.5 inches” refers to the form factor of hard drives. It does not indicate the physical size of a drive.
[4] One mebibyte (MiB) means 2 20 , or 1,048,576 bytes, and a gibibyte (GiB) means 2 30 , or 1,073,741,824 bytes.

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