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Traffic to Shein website increases despite ‘abusive working conditions’

// Traffic to Shein site surges despite recent allegations of ‘abusive working conditions’ at factories
// Site traffic peaked at over 616,000 visitors on October 23

Shein reported an increase in traffic to the site despite recent allegations of “abusive working conditions” at its suppliers’ factories.

The fast fashion retailer was recently embroiled in a working conditions controversy following Channel 4‘s Untold documentary.

However, news that he violated Beijing labor laws at two of his supplier factories had little negative impact on his site traffic, Retail week reported.

During the week of October 15, when details of the working conditions appeared in the press and the accompanying documentary aired, traffic to the site saw a mere drop before hit a four-month high the following week.

Traffic to the site peaked at more than 616,000 visitors on October 23, the busiest day since its summer sale in July.

Traffic in the week beginning October 22 reached 3.8 million visits, making it the busiest week of the month, up 13% from the previous week. Average traffic for the month of October is up 13% year-on-year.

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Following the Channel 4 documentary, Shein said he was “extremely concerned” about the claims presented in the programme.

Untold: Inside the Shein Machine showed factory workers working 18 hour days with no weekends.

The investigation saw an undercover reporter named “Mei” visit factories to reveal the appalling hours and wages of Shein workers. Mei claimed to have found evidence of “abusive working conditions” during her investigation.

The locations of the factories have not been revealed in order to protect the undercover journalist and her colleagues.

Factory workers received a wage of 3 pence per item produced. If they made a mistake, they were fined up to three quarters of a worker’s average daily wage (100 yuan/£12).