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Transparency International PNG celebrates its 25th anniversary

Papua New Guinea’s leading anti-corruption civil society organization, Transparency International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG), celebrated its 25th anniversary last Thursday with an event recognizing the importance of its individual and organizational supporters.

The Silver Jubilee celebrations, themed “Rise to the Occasion”, were also a time to reflect on the efforts made by Papua New Guineans 25 years ago to create an association that would give citizens the ways to act against corruption. Where corruption either in the personal, public or private spheres of life.

TIPNG Chairman of the Board, Peter Aitsi, said: “This 25th anniversary of TIPNG’s existence is not only a milestone for the organization, but more importantly, it is an opportunity for us to reflect and acknowledge the enduring courage and commitment of many Papua New Guineans who have done so. possible.

“It is a celebration of their courage and their common desire to see a much better and corruption-free PNG.”

To commemorate its 25th anniversary, TIPNG presented certificates of appreciation and recognition to 15 individuals and organizations.

As well as recognizing supporters, the event also saw the launch of a commemorative logo marking the occasion and a new website which for the first time was entirely developed within TIPNG by its own team.

The event kicks off a year-long campaign to celebrate the efforts of people and organizations in PNG who have taken action to oppose corruption and promote integrity over the past 25 years.

TIPNG will use “Rise To The Occasion” to promote these releases, which will include blog posts, video interviews and new digital content.