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TravelAbility Announces Free Portal Connecting Persons with Disabilities to Planning Content for 125 Destinations


Free accessible destination portal for people with disabilities.

As a travel consultant, the availability of this portal facilitates my work. Instead of spending hours or even days researching, it’s all there for me in one place. Jamie Santillo, Adventures of Jamie.

-Jamie Santillo

SAUSALITO, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 20, 2022 / — We are delighted to announce the first Accessible Destinations Portal, a free service developed by TravelAbility to make travel easier for people with disabilities. Currently, the site, which lives on the website, directly connects travelers with disabilities to 125 destination pages in the United States, Canada and Mexico containing content about the destination’s accessibility features.

“While the ADA provides the physical infrastructure to accommodate people with disabilities, there is no ADA for the information, which is necessary to give this underserved segment of travelers the confidence to travel at new,” noted Jake Steinman, founder of TravelAbility.
Launched in 2020 with 32 landing pages, the ‘Advancing Accessibility One Landing Page at A Time’ project built on a network built by TravelAbility’s 24 years in the travel industry.

Main benefit: Convenience. Users will save a lot of time by having this destination information accessible in one place. “Searching for this information was like trying to find a needle in a haystack – often buried in the main destination website, leaving travelers with disabilities to search endlessly for needed information.” noted Steinman, “Our researcher spent an average of 3.5 minutes to find each of the accessible landing pages.”
What you’ll find: In addition to the 125+ accessible destination pages, we’ve included, where possible, direct links to book accessible hotels and transport for each destination, as well as articles written by bloggers and journalists who discovered the destination first. hand.

Travel agent: As a travel consultant, the availability of this portal facilitates my work. Now when I receive a request from a client, instead of spending hours or even days researching, everything is there for me in one place. » Jamie Santillo, Adventures of Jamie.

Journalist: “Travelers with disabilities have always faced a lot of hurdles, extra planning and research when trying to book their trips. The Accessible Destinations portal removes some of these barriers and saves time for travelers with disabilities by organizing the best and most relevant access information from hundreds of destinations under one roof. Ian Ruder, Editor, New Mobility Magazine.

Blogger: “This portal will be a game-changer for us. I spend hours trying to find information on destinations my five year old son with Spinbifida can visit and write about. Jennifer Allen, Wonders at your fingertips. “Now everything is there for me.”

About TravelAbility: TravelAbility is an accessible travel information ecosystem for travel industry professionals. Annual TravelAbility event brings together travel industry leaders and thought leaders in disability travel and hosts LaunchPad, the world’s only pitchfest for adaptive technology and innovations that make it easier for people to travel disabilities. Founded in 2019, the company offers a range of resources on its website, including a one-stop shop for finding accessible destinations and a guide to specialist travel agents. Its Destination Ally program offers advice, workshops and training for destinations that want to be more welcoming to travelers with disabilities and baby boomers. Its monthly TravelAbility Insider newsletter reaches over 8,000 readers per month, keeping them up to date with the latest accessible travel news and information.

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