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Twitch tightens its content policy as it now includes self-harm mentions

Over the past few months, streaming service Twitch has tightened its content policies. In today’s report, the platform’s policy includes mentions of self-harm.

The platform has updated its community guidelines to include a list of examples of self-harming mentions and behaviors it will ban.

Twitch bans mentions of self-harm

According engagement, the updated policy aims to encourage the platform to talk about mental, emotional and physical health while preventing users from expressing a desire to harm themselves.

Users can share their personal stories of self-harm, emotional issues, or even suicide, but they are not allowed to discuss them in detail with their viewers.

Studies show that depicting how self-harm or attempted suicide is triggered will inspire others to do the same, as it will create similar thoughts in viewers who are already in a vulnerable position.

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The new community guidelines will also ban content that promotes eating disorders, unhealthy weight loss programs, and any discussion of glorifying eating disorder-related habits, such as deliberately depriving yourself.

Twitch’s decision came after the platform banned users who referenced hard drugs and sex in their streams.

The platform also banned creators who repeatedly spread misinformation.

Immediately after the ban, Amazon rolled out new reporting tools to help viewers report inappropriate content while giving reported creators the ability to file an appeal, according to California18.

Twitch hopes the new policies will reduce the number of alarming incidents in the future.

Banned for sexual abuse allegations

In 2020, Twitch implemented permanent bans in response to a series of sexual assault and abuse allegations involving several talent and management companies, according to Polygon.

Twitch said in a blog post that the company prioritized “the most serious cases” and issued permanent suspensions in accordance with their findings.

The social media company also added that while investigating some of the allegations, they discovered that many cases were happening outside the platform, prompting them to seek more information to find the appropriate solution.

In addition to banning creators, the company has also pledged to create better tools to help viewers and creators deal with harassment.

Twitch has since worked on its associated policies and created better detection tools for offensive chat use and usernames.

During its crackdown on sexual harassment cases, Twitch did not name any of the creators connected to the cases. However, a Twitter account was able to obtain vital information and has since named all of the streamers involved.

So far, BlesRNG, iAmSpoon, DreadedCone, Warwitch TV, and Wolv21 users have been banned from the platform.

The most famous live streamers accused of sexual harassment are Destiny 2 streamer Lono “SayNoToRage” and Tom “Syndicate” Cassell. But the two streamers suffered no repercussions from the platform.

Lono has since released an apology video after the allegations came to light, while Cassell has denied the allegations against him.

The allegations that began in 2020 are part of a larger wave within the gaming industry that has been going on for years.

Dozens of women have shared stories of creator misconduct on the platform, including developers.

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