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Twitter amplifies content on the right more than content on the left suggests

New Delhi: A recent study suggests that the algorithm used by the microblogging platform Twitter amplifies politically right-wing content more than left-wing content. The algorithm used for user-based content personalization works unevenly for political content amplification, ANI news agency reports.

The study was conducted by University of Cambridge professor Ferenc Huszar and colleagues, who quantified Twitter’s algorithm. Prof Huszar and colleagues studied a randomized control sample of nearly two million daily active Twitter users chosen by the platform in reverse chronological order without the custom function, and a treatment group representing four for percent of all users with a personalization feature on their timelines.

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The team further analyzed the effect of algorithmic amplification on tweets made by 3,634 elected political leaders from seven countries with strong representation on Twitter. In addition to that, they also analyzed the similar impact on 6.2 million political news articles shared in the United States.

The result of the analysis suggested that in six out of seven countries, the amplification algorithm strongly favored tweets from politically right-wing sources. A similar trend has been observed with the right-wing American news services.

However, contrary to popular belief, far left or far right content was not as significantly amplified as moderate content. The results collected by this study will be a contribution to the analysis of personalization algorithms, according to the ANI report.