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Twitter initiative Bluesky outlines code and content to decentralize social networking protocol

Twitter’s decentralized social networking protocol, Bluesky, has released the first batch of its code. He also revealed his commitment to content moderation on his network.

the Blue sky The developer team released the first batch of their codes while reiterating their commitment to moderating the content allowed on the platform. Bluesky is owned by the team itself, and Twitter has no majority stake in it.

The decentralization of social media aims to shift the space out of the control mechanism of the tech biggies that currently control the platform.

Blockchain-based decentralized social media applications should run on independent controlled servers. This will reduce the possibility of targeted censorship.

In a blog titled “Working in Public,” Bluesky posted the “Authenticated Data Experiment” protocol code.

The team has made public that the principle of the authenticated data experience is the self-authentication of data, transferring authority from networks to users.

Bluesky is independent and owned by the developer team

The Bluesky developer team outlined their content moderation plans and revealed that they would be creating 2 separate layers on their platform, one for speech, while the other would be for reach.

While the speech layer is designed to be neutral and similar to posting to any website, the other layer will determine what gets amplified on the network, as revealed by the developer team on the site. of social media.

The development team is committed to sharing their development progress on the public platform. They announced that they would release details of their work at every stage before its completion.

Following the open-sourcing of ADX to start their work in public, they confirmed that it was only a test order line. They revealed that they were posting this to work out in the open and share their progress.

This will give the Bluesky developer team time to make changes if public feedback requires it. The project was announced by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in 2019. The takeover by Elon Musk will have little bearing on Bluesky’s future, the developers have confirmed. But the release schedule is still unclear.