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Twitter will soon allow you to add individual content warnings to posts: The Tribune India

New Delhi, December 9

Under new CEO Parag Agrawal, Twitter is stepping up its efforts to clean up its platform and now the microblogging platform is piloting a new feature that will allow users to add specific content warnings to individual photos and videos. sent in tweets.

Currently, Twitter users can add content warnings to tweets, but this happens with all of their tweets and not with specific tweets whether or not the tweet contains sensitive content.

“People use Twitter to chat about what’s going on in the world, which sometimes means sharing disturbing or sensitive content. We’re testing an option for some of you to add one-off warnings to photos and videos you tweet. , to help those who want the warning, “the company tweeted Wednesday night.

Once you’ve posted the tweet with a warning, the image or video will appear blurry, with a content warning explaining why you flagged it.

Agrawal has previously said that his top priority in his new role is to improve business execution and streamline the operation of the microblogging platform.

Twitter is also reviewing the way it handles problematic and abusive tweets reported by its users, with the aim of bringing a more “human first” approach to improving the quality of tweets reported by its users for misinformation, hate speech, spam and others.

The new approach, currently being tested with a small group in the United States, will be rolled out globally next year.

“It eases the burden on the individual to be the one to interpret the violation in question. Instead, it asks them what happened,” Twitter said in a statement.

This method is called “symptoms first,” where Twitter first asks the person what’s going on. By refocusing on the experience of the person reporting the Tweet, Twitter hopes to improve the quality of the reports it receives.