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Ubuntu Maker Canonical plans to dramatically improve its documentation

Back then, the Ubuntu wiki was a great resource for Linux documentation, but less so nowadays, while the Arch Linux wiki is often considered the go-to for open source documentation. However, Canonical now hopes to radically improve the documentation for Ubuntu and its other software offerings.

Daniele Procida, as director of engineering at Canonical since this summer, outlined plans for how they plan to dramatically improve their documentation efforts going forward. Procida commented on their documentation ambitions, “We have embarked on a comprehensive, long-term project to transform documentation. Our goal is to create and maintain a technical documentation and documentation practice that will represent a standard of excellence in the industry. We want it to be the best it can be. By “best” we mean documentation that understands, respects, reflects and primarily serves the needs of its users. These are the values ​​that we defend, that we will express in our work. These are values ​​for which we want to make ourselves known.

The current official Ubuntu documentation is at

This documentation effort is said to fundamentally change the way everyone works at Canonical and keep documentation at a higher level. Among their pillars for the future of documentation are management, care, execution and equipment.

Ubuntu documentation has varied over the years …

See this blog post for their insight into how they plan for their documentation-driven future.