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UFO sighting: Mysterious Antarctic ‘crash site’ spotted by Google Maps users | weird | News

An alleged UFO crash site has been discovered in Antarctica after a mysterious object was spotted on Google Maps. Footage of the discovery was uploaded by UFO YouTuber MrMBB333, who captioned the video: “Looks like something A MIGHT land in the middle of Antarctica leaving a GOUGE in the snow!” Viewers have suggested that the object “favors the shape of a triangular craft”.

The YouTuber said: “Looks like maybe something slipped in the snow. It definitely favors the shape of a triangular contraption.

“You can also see a bump in the snow.

“It might just be a rogue rock, but there’s nothing else in it.

“It’s the only thing that appears in the middle of the snow.”

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Upon analyzing the object, MrMBB333 continued: “It looks like a black triangular craft.

“It looks like a boomerang, or what used to be a flying machine that landed in the snow here.

“You can see the feature of what looks like a winged craft sitting in Antarctica.”

He also pointed to a nearby object that looked like “the shadow of a pyramid” in the snow.

The video, which has racked up more than 50,000 views, sparked a frenzied discussion.

In other UFO news, an apparent sighting over Oklahoma of a spiral-shaped object turned out to be a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

According to Mike Collier, KJRH Tulsa’s chief meteorologist, the unique spiral pattern that appeared was likely caused by the rocket’s second-stage fuel release mechanism.

FOX23 meteorologist Laura Mock recut SpaceX’s live feed and concluded that “this rocket would have flown very close to Oklahoma” after launching from Florida.

She tweeted: “The rocket was passing through its final orbital burn over the center of the country after already circumnavigating the globe once.”