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Ukrainians search for deceased relatives at Izyum burial site

EU calls for international ‘war crimes’ tribunal after mass grave discovered, Biden warns Putin not to use tactical nukes or chemical weapons following setbacks in Ukraine, where fighting rages on the 207th day.

Police and experts work on a mass burial site during an exhumation in the town of Izyum, recently liberated from Russia. (Reuters)

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Ukraine searches for its dead at a burial site

Dressed in white protective suits and wearing rubber gloves, Ukrainian rescue workers unearthed more bodies from a wooded burial site in territory recently retaken from Russian forces, while townspeople searched for dead relatives.

Ukraine says hundreds of people are buried at the site discovered this week, including at least 17 Ukrainian servicemen found in a mass grave on Friday and others believed to be civilians buried in individual graves marked with flimsy wooden crosses. .

The causes of death have yet to be established, although locals say some of the graves near the town of Izyum were those of people who died in an airstrike. Ukrainian authorities said at least one of the bodies had its hands tied and rope marks on its neck.

Moscow has not commented on the discovery of the graves. He regularly denies committing atrocities or targeting civilians.

Australia rules out ban on Russian tourists as part of sanctions

Australia will not bar Russian tourists from entering the country as part of sanctions imposed on Russia for its assault on Ukraine, Defense Minister Richard Marles has said.

Since the start of the conflict, Australia has sanctioned hundreds of Russian individuals and entities, including most of the Russian banking sector and all organizations responsible for the country’s sovereign debt.

Asked if Australia would also ban Russian tourists, Marles said the sanctions were aimed at the Russian government, “not the Russian people themselves”. “It’s not something we’re considering right now,” he told ABC television.

Russian forces in occupied Kherson ‘neutralize’ armed gang

Russian security forces fired on an armed gang of criminals in the center of the occupied Ukrainian city of Kherson and “neutralized” them, the Tass news agency reported.

Kherson in southern Ukraine was occupied by Russian troops shortly after the February assault began and kyiv is vowing to retake it.

“A group of armed people who had been identified put up resistance. Russian security forces quickly went there and neutralized the criminals,” Tass said, citing a security source. There were no civilian casualties, the source added.

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Source: Reuters