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Untested iPhone maker added for iPhone 13 Pro production, claims report

Apple last week confirmed further iPhone production delays that are expected to cause iPhone 13 prices to skyrocket. And now the company is tearing up its rulebook to take action.

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In a new exclusivity, Nikkei Asia reports that Apple has signed two key decisions. First, the company will begin production of the iPhone 13 this month with the aim of increasing supply ahead of its slated release in September. Second, it adds a new supplier to try to increase production – moving to a company that has never built an iPhone before.

Nikkei reports that Chinese electronics maker Luxshare Precision Industry is the manufacturer Apple has chosen and, in shock, will immediately begin production of the premium iPhone 13 Pro. This flies in the face of Apple’s usual model, with Nikkei pointing out that “newcomers to Apple’s supply chain normally start by making older iPhone models,” but Luxshare has been tossed into the big picture. bath.

The move highlights concerns raised by Apple CFO Luca Maestri during the company’s latest earnings report that ongoing chip shortages will have a “primary impact” on production. iPad and iPhone ”before the arrival of the iPhone 13 range and the Christmas rush.

A situation that risks seeing professionals scalpers try and stock horde in order to extract sky-high prices from die-hard fans. Similar moves in the console industry have seen scalpers grab PlayStation 5’s stock and demand nearly $ 2,000 for the $ 499 console.

Apple’s decision to dramatically break away from its usual production model is clearly an attempt to combat this. That said, the iPhone 13 supply will be limited, and indecisive upgrades will likely be hit the hardest.

But is the iPhone 13 lineup worth the fight? Apple is making some notable changes, introducing oversized rear cameras, an all-new 5G modem, 120Hz ProMotion displays (for Pro models), reducing the notch, increasing fast charging, and adding what has been described as the upgrade. most disruptive WiFi level “in the past 20 years”.

That said, the overall design of the iPhone 13 remains largely unchanged, and early iPhone 14 leaks suggest those who wait will benefit the most.


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