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Vanguard Zombies players extremely disappointed with lack of Season 1 content

The return of an iconic Call of Duty glitch gives Vanguard players a broken line of sight to enemies as they soar to the sky.

Vanguard hasn’t felt like the smoothest gaming experience since launching on November 5. Players quickly discovered groundbreaking feats that made Vanguard almost unplayable. While most issues have been resolved with recent fixes, some still persist.

One of the problems to be solved is the elevator problem. After popping up weeks ago, its relevance has waned as other issues rose to prominence. However, this new clip showing the vantage point players can put themselves in has renewed interest in glitch.

This particular issue dates back to Modern Warfare 2. The issue sees players soar directly into the sky by mimicking an elevator, hence the name of the issue. There is no doubt that developers are going to take a look at something from this revolutionary game.

As the player moves up, their view of the map changes to a top-to-bottom perspective. This gives players a clear view of all areas of the map, including stomping enemy players.

In the past, we have seen this issue occur on the Oasis card as well as on the subpens. Recently it has also appeared on the Decoy proximity card. There is a good chance that this issue is accessible on just about any Vanguard card.

This clip perfectly explores the incredible advantage someone gains after rising to heaven. The player is equipped with a sniper rifle, which makes long-range kills extremely easy to win. Additionally, the small size of the map means that this player can virtually see any enemy player that is not in a building.

To make matters worse, they play Search & Destroy. This makes the advantage on the higher ground more punchy. With one life per turn, players cannot respawn and eliminate the player in the sky. There has probably never been an easier way to protect S&D bomb sites.

With Vanguard Season 1 fast approaching, Sledgehammer must work hard to ensure a smooth deployment. Considering the mixed reaction from players to the issues in the game since launch, a lot depends on the success of Season 1.

There is no doubt that Vanguard players will receive a major patch addressing the current issues that plague them.

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Image credits: Sledgehammer Games / Activision