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Vatsal Joshi – A wildlife enthusiast, conservationist and filmmaker

Vatsal Joshi, a 23-year-old man from Hyderabad, born in Rajkot, Gujarat, is an example of dedication and enthusiasm for passion. He started as a filmmaker and is now the founder of Krishna Kunj Productions. He is behind award-winning documentary films titled Life Lesson and Cellphone at South Asia’s largest film festival in 2017.

Below is a quick chat we had with him about his love for nature and wildlife…

1. Tell us about your passion for nature.

Rep. I am therefore passionate about nature and wild animals. I love to explore the beauty of nature and wildlife and India is home to many amazing species and is known for its natural environment. So I feel that it is really difficult for me to express in words my passion for wildlife.

2. Can a person have a full time career in wildlife photography in India?

Rep. First of all I’m a wildlife enthusiast as I said I’m not a professional who should give advice on this but a full time wildlife hauler is something where you need of 2 things that I feel. First of all, they must call on a person in the field. That means first they have to understand the wildlife and second they have to have a story, then it’s easy to capture that beauty of nature that I feel.

3. What part of India would you like to explore if you are going on a Nature trip.

Rep. So there are several places I want to explore like Jim Corbett, Kabini, Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Kaziranga in the northeast etc. It’s really hard to establish a priority like which I’m going to go first.

4. What is your dream project as a natural history film can you share some details?

Rep. So I have a project that I want to document once and it’s about a bird Jerdon’s steed and it’s a critically endangered species and all over the world it’s only found in the southern India. So yeah, that’s my whole project and apart from that, I also have plans to shoot in North East and West India.