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Webtoon’s Skyrocketing Success Shared With Content Creators

Webtoons, a digital comic platform, is having a very good year so far. New financial figures have shown that the webcomic platform has surpassed the $27 million mark and is sharing that bounty with its creators. Digital comics are growing in popularity across broader demographics, and webtoon is expected to continue to grow in the market.

Webtoon is a website that hosts thousands of creator-owned content available in a variety of genres. action, fantasy, horror, comedy, romance and more. Fans can access the site or app and read new episodes of their favorite comics for free. The Webtoon site traditionally derives the majority of its revenue from advertising shared on the site; spitting 50/50 revenue between authors and the platform.

However, Webtoon recently shared more details regarding the platform’s meteoric financial success lately. The company originally launched in Korea in 2004, then expanded its US creator monetization program in 2019, showing a more than 75% increase in payments to creators since 2020 according to Forbes. Webtoon continues to expand globally, according to a March 2022 Press release Webtoon will soon create a European company. And much of the fuel for this successful rocket comes from offering an ad-free subscription option to readers, which comes with perks.

Creators make money from users who choose to subscribe to their serialized stories. For a small monthly fee, fans can get exclusive first access to new episodes. In addition to ad revenue, along with subscriptions, Webtoon and its creators have found a very lucrative combo. For example, the highest earning creator of, Lore Olympe, Rachel Smyth, has millions of subscribers and billions of views, and earned over $9 million last year.

“Webtoon creators are some of the most talented, creative and engaging in comic book history,” said Ken Kim, CEO of Webtoon Americas. “Our storytelling technology platform supports all types of creators, enabling them to build a global audience and earn money from their work. In a time when comics have never been more popular , we are incredibly proud of the growth of the creator economy and the ecosystem we have built to celebrate and support webtoon creators.

For creators who want to learn more about the platform, there are several resources and tutorials available to help them on their way.

The comic platform has increased its presence over the past few years. This has included partnerships with several comic book series companies, including Marvel, DC Comics, Archie Comics, and HYBE. Titles included Eternals: The 500 Year War, Ethel Energy, Batman: Adventures of the Wayne Family, 7Fates: Chakho, Zatanna and the Ripper, and Kill the dragon.

It’s clear that webtoon knows that by sharing the abundance of growth with its creators, it will give the company a leg up when it comes to competing for talent and gaining access to materials. Forbes reported that the US comic book market grew over 60% to over $2.1 billion last year alone. It’s undeniable that there’s a huge thirst for sequential art across all genres and formats, and Webtoon, with its established mobile app and data-driven format, has found a creative way around traditional publishing hurdles and distribution costs, bringing in a whole new audience.