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West Seattle Blog… | 26/JUNEAU: the city announces that it will “remove” the camp

The city indicates that the 26/Juneau camp site will be removed/cleaned up. This, following a fire less than a week after last week’s murder, which have neighbors all at their wit’s end after what they say has been two years of a ‘nightmare’. We were copied in the photos that a group sent with a note to the member of the council Lisa Herboldincluding this one showing burnt debris.

The photos also showed containers like these:

Neighbor Molly pleaded in the note, after detailing two years of problems, “I urge you to do something immediately to clean up this toxic site on our once beautiful Longfellow Creek and help campers before they hurt themselves even more themselves and to our beautiful green-space.”

Seattle Utilities Spokesperson Sabrina Register has been a go-between for city information on moves/cleanups/remediations, so we posed her questions Monday on the site and received this response today:

Seattle Public Utilities has not scheduled site remediation because it does not meet the criteria for five or more recreational vehicles. Seattle Parks and Recreation has scheduled crews to remove the camp and clear the area. Removal and cleanup dates are not shared publicly as resources such as staff may change.

Seattle is partnering with the King County Regional Homelessness Authority and neighborhood service providers to coordinate outreach to campsites at risk of removal in an effort to provide shelter for all who reside there.

In a response to Molly’s memo yesterday, council member Herbold said she had spoken to Southwest neighborhood commanding the captain Martin Rivera at the site last week, before the fire, and said she too had heard the site needed to be cleaned up. Herbold also noted that Rivera “told me how the homeless people who had previously lived there had been very helpful in the investigation that led to them identifying the murder suspect for arrest.” And she said she regularly meets with the fire chief Harold Scoggin, adding: “I have reviewed locations in District 1 which SFD data shows have a history of repeated fires and which may be vulnerable to fire damage, including around campsites. This has, in some cases, resulted in City efforts to reduce the likelihood of fires by cutting nearby brush. But otherwise, his answer didn’t include anything else specific about that particular site. Molly, meanwhile, told us today that there has been some cleanup, but “it’s still a very toxic site. You can smell the plastic etc. And she says campers who have already left the site have just moved to another location along the creekside trail.