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West Seattle Blog… | UPDATE: The plan for SW Andover, post-sweep/eco-blocks

(BMS photo: Looking east over SW Andover in the late afternoon)

We reported Monday on the removal of dozens of eco-blocks that had been placed along Southwest Andover and 28th Southwest after the city swept away the longtime RV campground in June. This afternoon, we finally have the full SDOT explanation of what happened and what is planned for the region:

The eco-blocks have been removed by the company that installed them. As per protocol, SDOT issued a warning notice after the concrete blocks were placed due to the lack of an approved street permit. The correspondence led to a productive conversation during which the company took responsibility for installing them and agreed to remove the eco-blocks at its own expense. During the discussions, we shared plans for paving the street and discussed how the curbside space and right-of-way currently works for businesses in the area.

The new roadway added on the north side of SW Andover Street creates space for a protected westbound cycle path, the opportunity to leverage the paving project and fill a gap in our cycle network. This concept resonated with those we spoke with. Crews are also making drainage and landscaping improvements, which is why you noticed the dirt removal. Paving of SW Andover St between 26th Ave SW and 28th Ave SW is currently scheduled for August 8-11. The paving repairs damage that may have occurred due to increased traffic during the closure of the West Seattle Bridge.

Bike lanes will be on both sides of SW Andover St, between 26th Ave SW and 28th Ave SW, and bike lanes could potentially be added to SW Yancy St. The design is about 50% complete, and we expect the installation will take place this fall. . There will be no impact on traffic lanes. However, some parking and loading areas will be impacted and removed. The Cycling Master Plan recommends a Neighborhood Green Lane treatment. Due to the industrial nature of the area and for the comfort and increased safety of cyclists, we are installing a protected cycle path (PBL). The Levy to Move Seattle is funding the design of the bike path.

SDOT says paving will be completed this week; the schedule for the construction of the cycle path has not yet been finalized.