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What is your firm’s audio content strategy? Here is a start

Consider the benefits of providing more personalized content to your patients and potential patients, with digital audio content

How do you create buzz around your practice, which is also your brand? Your marketing and content output should not only maintain your current base, but create buzz to attract new patients, and audio content is a fast-growing marketing tool for chiropractors that can be reused on a digital platform. .

Listen carefully, because audio content marketing is getting louder and louder.

Audio content: podcasts, webinars and more

Audio content can include audiobooks, voice assistants, podcasts, webinars, and short videos for social media or your website. Audio content gives your patients additional information when they are away from your office and encourages them to follow your digital offerings for wellness and homeostasis.

The Edison Research Group reports that about 28% of Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts, and the demographics are quite diverse. The population that listens to audio online is an incredible 62% of the US population over the age of 12. Audio content is becoming a leader in content marketing.

Audiobook readers tend to be loyal fans and earn big bucks. Women listen to more audiobooks than men, overall, and people in urban areas are leading the way in audiobook listening. And if you think the older population is the biggest consumer of audiobooks, think again: 18 to 49 year olds are the biggest listeners.

Adding one or more forms of audio content to your marketing strategy can increase the number of those listeners or create another way to stay in touch with existing customers.

audio ideas

Create one or more podcasts — You can create short podcasts based on trends or topics relevant to your practice. Engage your listeners by answering frequently asked questions, share groundbreaking research insights, and deliver stories that will connect you to your audience. If you’re not quite ready to jump into the world of podcasting, offer your services as a podcast guest and return the favor by inviting podcasters to share when you’re ready to start your own. podcast.

Add audiobooks to your product line — Do you have a book available for sale? Do you still own the rights to the audiobooks? Add value by offering an audiobook version. You can narrate your book or hire a voiceover actor to do the recordings, and you can turn any eBook into an audio version.

Add audio narration to your blog postsThis not only provides ease of use for hearing-impaired customers, but also increases listeners and page views. Play quick audio announcements to guide listeners to web pages.

Organize audio content for your patients — Compile lists of podcasts, music, or audiobooks relevant to your industry. Your patients will appreciate not having to search for audio content. Ask patients to add to lists if they have any favorites in that particular topic. Think creatively when making these lists – topics could include “Chiropractor Music” or “Exercises to Help You Move”.

Radio, radio— Many radio stations have live programs on their websites. Radio is often at the forefront of breaking news and still holds an audience of listeners on the daily commute. Contributing 30 seconds of branded content to a local station could boost your bottom line.

The ability of streaming audio to be highly personalized and dynamic has Pandora Reports that 43% of listeners say audio ads are more relevant to them. Consider the benefits of providing more personalized content to your patients and potential patients, with digital audio content.